Selling a property

The List Price

Setting the proper asking price for your home is the single most important factor that will determine the success or failure of your home sale.

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The purchase of Real Estate is usually one of the largest financial transactions a Buyer will make.

Buyers, most of whom these days are Baby Boomers and Millennials, will purchase a home for. . .

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Staging showcases a home, making it easier for buyers to envision how they could ultimately embrace the space."

         Source: "Design Ideas from a Home Stager: For Selling a Home or Just Freshening It Up," (April, 8, 2015)

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Price | Cost | Value


List Price.  Sales Price. Value. Cost.

What do each of these terms mean to you?  What about to a Buyer?  A Lender?  Property Appraiser?  Real Estate Appraiser? How about an Insurance Agent?   It is important to understand the differences.

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A Word About the Internet

Our advice to Sellers is the same as it is to all of the people that we work with. . . take care to note the source and date (and potential motivation) of information you are consuming on the internet.  Use this to assign credibility and reliability of the information as you . . .

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A quick snapshot of our most recent 100 successful Closed Seller sales.

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Source:      February 2017

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