Like Family

I am so happy that Jan and Sam were there to assist me in the sale of my home. They treat you like family. You will have a very hard time finding better people to work with. They take their time and are more than willing to explain things to you. Thank you Jan and Sam!

K. Moyer

Simple and Professional

Dear Sam and Jan,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help in the sale of my home. You possess the unique ability to take a complicated real estate transaction involving multiple parties to a successful closing in what seemed like an insurmountable situation to accomplish. You took time to patiently explain the process, and took measures to keep me well informed, and help guide me through the maze of the necessary documentation required. I was extremely impressed with your expertise and professionalism in this matter and I wanted to express how grateful I am for all of your help.

Victor S.

Easy Does It

From the moment we met Jan and Sam, they put us at ease immediately, easy going "no pressure" agents.  Their professionalism and perseverance were never ending, making the entire buying process a pleasure.  Excellent service!

Johanne and Jim J, Montreal CA

Vacation Home Success

Jan and Sam,

Thank you so much for all the time you have devoted to helping us find our vacation home in Florida.  You both have been incredible, and we couldn't ask for better agents.  Sincerely,

Greg and Darlene B

Another Success

Sam and Jan,
We greatly enjoyed working with you on the purchase of the property in North Port. We look forward to working with you again.

Lisa and Janell, North Port Title

Knowledge and Communication

Sam and Jan

I want to let you know how appreciative Mike and I are for all of your hard work in completing our sale.  It has been a real challenge I know.  the two of you are so knowledgeable and it has helped tremendously for us to understand the process along the way.  Thank you again for your hard work and constant communication - you are AWESOME!

Mike & Janet, Venice, FL

Helpful and Supportive

Hello Jan and Sam,

I am so glad the two of you are still in business together.  You were so helpful and supportive when I sold my house.  You did it all!  I am very happy and will continue to recommend you when I hear of someone looking for a good agent.  Thanks

Geri D, Venice, FL

Accurate Value for Unique Property

I was particularly impressed by your ability to accurately predict the value of this unique property and that you went above and beyond doing special research so that all requests for information and support were met on a timely basis.  I would gladly recommend your services to anyone. . .

Robert D, Naples, FL

Cheerful Enthusiasm

Many thanks for your professionalism, help and cooperation in expediting the sale of our villa.  We really enjoyed working with you, your cheerful enthusiasm and certainty of success was always there for us.

Linda B, Sarasota, FL

Quick Sale, Favorable Terms

I can't believe you sold my house within two weeks and at a price that was favorable relative to market conditions.  I am very impressed with your professionalism and enthusiasm.  I would gladly recommend your services. . .

Julie S, FL

Dreams Come True

You found a buyer for my home immediately and it was your professional talents and knowledge that held the deal together with the buyer.  Then you went on to find my current home which is exactly what I was looking for.  You really made my dream come true.  Thank you so much.

Blanche C, Venice, FL


On 4/17 /17 you requested permission to use a phrase found on my website. I was flattered and responded in the affirmative. I meant to write this message sooner.   Apologies. I was very impressed with the integrity that motivated a request over such a small item.   In my experience, those that operate on the highest moral plane for the little things,  most likely do so on the bigger things to.   I'm guessing your clients already know that about you, but if not, please feel free to add my comments to your testimonials. You may give out my phone number or email so any interested can verify the legitimacy of this endorsement for themselves.  Best to you and yours.

Mike F., California Appraiser