Where to Begin?

The first question is how soon are you prepared to make an offer and close?  A major consideration is whether or not you are going to use cash or financing for your purchase.  Secondarily, do you need. . .

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What Will it Really Cost Me?

Whether you pay cash or use a loan, there will be costs associated with the purchase.  A Lender will provide you with an estimate of closing cost for the financial portion of the purchase.  Any time that we prepare and present an offer, we also prepare . . .

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A Word About the Internet

Our advice to Buyers is the same as it is to all of the people that we work with. . . take care to note the source and date (and potential motivation) of information you are consuming on the internet.  Use this to assign credibility and reliability of the information as you . . .

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Where would you go to enjoy year round contemporary arts, cultural activities, vibrant arts scenes, explore historic institutions, visit museums, historic landmarks, live theater, attend music and dance performances, polo, golf, tennis, beaches, watersports, biking, hiking, kayaking, and more?. . .

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Our Service Area


A quick snapshot of our most recent 50 successful Closed Buyer sales.

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Source:      February 2017

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